rent-a-lab develops and/or performs radioimmunoassays (RIAs) for you.

We work with [3H]- as well as [125I]-labelled tracers.

General practice:

(for large sample sizes SPA-technology)

1. You want a molecule in blood serum, blood plasma, tissue extracts etc. quantified rent-a-lab looks for a commercially available kit, which is suitable for the sample type. 2. commercially available kit identified rent-a-lab performs the assay and reports the data to you. 3. no kit commercially available rent-a-lab considers, whether a simple assay development is feasible, e.g. on the availability of the molecule of interest, a suitable primary antibody and tracer, develops and validates the assay, processes the samples and transmits the data.


In case of frequent large sample sizes (more than 50) rent-a-lab converts the assay into the convenient scintillation proximity assay (SPA) format. (Details)

This microplate-amenable technology enables the processing of even large sample sizes cost-effectively.


Scintillation proximity assay (SPA) is a novel homogeneous assay technique with two antibodies. Due to the linkage of the secondary antibody to a fluomicrosphere the need for a separation step and addition of liquid scintillant is eliminated. Moreover this technology is applicable to the microplate format.

Anti-rabbit, anti-sheep or anti-mouse secondary antibodies are available.

[3H] – or [125I] – labelled tracers can be used.