1. INFORMATION OWNERSHIP AND CONFIDENTIALITY rent-a-lab Dr. Carsten Tober (hereinafter referred to as “rent-a-lab”) shall keep confidential i) all information received from Client in connection with Client’s order (in the following called “Order”) and ii) all results obtained by rent-a-lab by performing the Order. Rent-a-lab shall not make any commercial use of such information and results other than in connection with the Order. Rent-a-lab shall have no obligation of confidentiality if rent-a-lab can establish that
    • the information or results have become part of the public domain through no fault, act or omission of rent-a-lab,
    • the information received from Client was in possession of rent-a-lab and its free disposal at the time of receipt hereunder,
    • the information received from Client has been provided to rent-a-lab by a third party.
  1. COMPOUND TRANSMITTAL Client is responsible for the correct labelling and packaging of material (including transport) sent to rent-a-lab for the purpose of this Order. Client will notify rent-a-lab of all proper handling procedures as well as other useful information (e.g. stability, light sensitivity, toxicity etc.). Client shall indemnify rent-a-lab for all costs and damages which may arise from wrong labelling and packaging of such material.
  2. COMPOUND OWNERSHIP All compounds transmitted, exchanged and generated between Client and rent-a-lab are the sole property of Client.
  3. WARRANTY No representation or warranty is made or given on behalf of rent-a-lab in respect of any results obtained by rent-a-lab by performing the Order. Rent-a-lab shall not be liable for any damages in connection with the Order and the failure to provide the Order, except to the extend that such damages are caused by the wilful misconduct or gross negligence of rent-a-lab. In no event shall rent-a-lab be liable for incidental or consequential damages, including, without limitation, lost profits.
  4. APPLICABLE LAWS Any dispute arising from or in connection with the Order will be decided by the courts having jurisdiction over rent-a-lab. German law shall apply.